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New Set List Event Now Available!

Thank you for playing Utano☆Princesama Shining Live.

The new event "Winter Sports: Snowboarding" starts today!

Ranking ranges for this event will be based on specific ranks rather than percentages.


Please check the in-game news for more details.
*You may not be able to check details about this if too much time has passed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Event Name

Winter Sports: Snowboarding

Event Reward Photos

SR Ren
Earn Great Rewards in Events
Collect Event Points and earn great Rewards!

Collect Event Points to get UR/SR Photos, event stories, and up to 600 Prisms! You can also earn Gems, LP, and other great rewards, so don't miss out!

Reward images are just examples and are not guarantees that you will receive the reward shown.

Please see the event screen for each event for details of available rewards.

How to Play
  • 1. Head to the Event screen.
    Tap the event banner on the Main screen or Live Show screen to access the "Winter Sports: Snowboarding" event!
  • 2. Play through the set list.
    Tap "Event Play" on the Event screen. Select a difficulty and play through the songs in the set list.
  • 3. Earn Event Points.
    Complete songs and event missions to earn Event Points!
    - You will not earn Event Points for completing songs after the event finishes.
    - Event missions are set at random when beginning a set list.
    - Event missions cannot be completed using Auto Play.
Hints and Tips
  • - You can earn a 50 LP login bonus every day during the event. Join in the fun every day!
  • - The higher your score, the more Event Points you can earn!
    Pay attention to Performance types to get a high score when you complete a live show from the event set list.

    Charm-type Performance is doubled for songs in the "Winter Sports: Snowboarding" set list.
    (Only regular Performance values appear on the Unit Details screen. Boosted values are added as your event bonus.)
  • - Complete multiple set list songs in a row to earn bonus Event Points based on your score rank. Try to complete as many songs in a row as you can. The better your score, the better the bonus you can earn!
  • - Pick the right difficulty level for you.
    Your Event Point earnings depend on your score and your choice of difficulty. If you can reach S Rank at your current difficulty, give the next difficulty level a go!
  • - Utilize Auto Play and Boosts!
    Use Auto Play and Boosts when you're pressed for time to keep earning Event Points.

You can get Photos with high Charm Performance during the first half of the "Holy Night Santa Claus" Photo Shoot. Come prepared with high Charm Performance Photos and you'll be ready to shine in this event. Aim for the top to be rewarded with "Winter Snowboarder" Ai and Ren Photos!

  • - You cannot earn Event Points playing main songs or special songs.
  • - The Event Points you earn by completing a live show are capped by difficulty level.
  • - Different songs of the same difficulty level have different numbers of Rhythm Icons, meaning that the attainable score used as the basis for calculating Event Points differs depending on the song.
  • - The Performance and Skills shown are when the Photo is at Max Rank and Level.
  • - Ranking Rewards are distributed after the rankings are calculated.
  • - Event rankings are updated at set regular intervals.
  • - Reward Photos may be added to a Photo Shoot at a later date.
  • - Game content is subject to change without prior notice.

Thank you for your support. We hope you continue to enjoy Utano☆Princesama Shining Live!